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Question: What's the best way to manually update WDL_WndSizer RECTs (orig, real_orig, last)? The use case is for a slitter; want onResize to remember last changed position. Thanks.
Asked by Gio (79.130.163.x) on April 23 2020, 3:46am
Reply on April 24 2020, 12:30am:
    They are a bit poorly named. When you first add items, it gets their current rectangles and sets real_orig and orig. Then, onResize transforms orig into last and repositions the window. If you wish to tweak this, you can modify orig. real_orig is there for your convenience. If you want to be hidpi-mode aware, there are some functions for converting between the current DPI settings and the sizer's DPI units, too (orig/real_orig/last are all in the same units which might differ from the current DPI units).

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