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Question: So listening to some latest recordings you seem to have some type of drum machine running? why the switch..for variety,or??
Asked by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on June 6 2020, 12:10am
Reply on June 6 2020, 2:15am:
    Been NINJAMming with my bandmates since the whole Coronavirus social distancing thing...

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on June 6 2020, 8:06pm:
    Aye,but that did not really answer the question.. :p = what type of drum machine did you employ for them recordings?

  • Posted by Justin on June 6 2020, 9:02pm:
    You didn't ask that before, to be fair.. but anyway, it's REAPER w/ reasamplomatic and the analoguedrums bigmono samples mostly, also Sitala some of the time (with its 808 samples). Sequenced via the JSFX sequencer_megababy.

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