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Question: how hard would it be to make a plugin that can real time tune polyphonic material ? is this something you would consider doing ? it would be useful for guitar on live performances / streaming where tuning might drift or intonation is a problem.. seems like a good challenge but i'm wondering how feasable is it ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.3.x) on June 27 2020, 3:02am
Reply on June 27 2020, 11:23pm:
    That would be incredibly difficult. Realtime pitch shifting of monophonic material is tough!

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.3.x) on June 28 2020, 9:16am:
    would it be potentially easier with more of an ai approach ? with frets you have a limited number of notes, could you train an ai to understand every combination of notes a person could play on guitar and then apply corrections to the input signal based on the overall chord sound rather than trying to isolate and retune each string ? or am i totally on the wrong track ?

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