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Question: If you were to build REAPER again from the grounds up, are there any big architectural changes you'd now make in hindsight that are now near impossible to change?
Asked by p0tato (83.81.253.x) on July 18 2020, 12:33pm
Reply on July 19 2020, 5:03pm:
    There have been many that eventually get addressed. There are rarely things you can't change, just things you don't yet understand how to change (or how to change without breaking everything).

  • Posted by p0tato (83.81.253.x) on July 20 2020, 11:08am:
    Do you have any automated testing to prevent regressions and such? Or does it mostly rely on your active knowledge of the code base?

  • Posted by Justin on July 21 2020, 11:42pm:
    We do not have automated regression testing

  • Posted by p0tato (83.81.253.x) on July 24 2020, 9:36am:
    That's interesting. Not too surprising though. It seems that REAPER is very heavy on UI, which is very difficult to test in an automated manner. Besides, it seems you've got community based regression testing. Still though, never get worried when doing bigger refactors?

  • Posted by Justin on July 25 2020, 10:19pm:
    Definitely get worried, we often let those refactors sit in user-tested development builds for months before putting them in releases. Before the changes in 6.0, we had a lot of the functionality in 5.9x+dev builds for a long, long time.

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