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Question: Theoretically: What would be needed to port Reaper to Android/iOS? Would it be possible at all or are there too many limitations that would be impossible to circumvent?
Asked by Mespotine (2.247.248.x) on July 29 2020, 2:24am
Reply on July 29 2020, 9:39pm:
    No idea on Android (does one have to do a lot in Java, still?). Re iOS -- the UI work would take ages. So many windows that would need to get ported. Also basic things like dragging the edges of things with a mouse are really not practical for touchscreens. So, to be usable, you'd have to redesign a lot. Which then raises the question, separate code base?

    Set that aside, afaik iOS doesn't allow you to generate code and execute it... so EEL2/JSFX would have to run in (slow) bytecode interpreted mode.

    (general feeling: no thanks! and then there's the business side of things, app stores, ugh).


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