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Question: GDK/SWELL: Weird crash (swell-wnd-generic.cpp:315) if I try to use WDL_ChooseDirectory in DEBUG mode. Release works as expected, bug?
Asked by Gio (2.87.166.x) on August 3 2020, 4:40pm
Reply on August 3 2020, 7:18pm (edited at August 3 2020, 8:39pm):
    Looks like that's a WDL_NOT_NORMALLY() failing, meaning SendMessage() was passed NULL hwnd? Can you show the call stack to see why? Edit: ah I think I see why this is (the crash is an assertion, anyway, to catch possible errors)... fixing! Edit again: fixed, thanks! Note that in release mode there is no issue (the old code was harmless in release mode).

  • Posted by Gio (2.87.166.x) on August 4 2020, 8:43am:
    Thank you

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