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Question: Are you a pro the total abolition of the police force?
Asked by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 19 2020, 9:00am
Reply on August 19 2020, 1:03pm:
    I'll only speak to NYC and the NYPD, since it is where I live, but I would imagine it is similar in other places in the country:

    I think the scope and funding of the NYPD is an order of magnitude too large, and those resources would be far better spent on other social services.

    Reducing the budget and headcount is probably not sufficient, I think there is a culture that is problematic and probably needs a bigger overhaul, but I leave how to do that to the experts...

  • Posted by Rob The Questioner (213.205.197.x) on August 19 2020, 5:47pm:
    I ask due to the understandable support of BLM, but unfortunately that is also their stated mission. This is a real shame because the equality question is so important. We don't need people of color to be exploited for alternative Trojan agendas. They seem reformation is impossible but I firmly believe criminality would go through the roof without the police (no matter what social levelling programs were in place), so reformation has to be the only sane choice, unfortunately.

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