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Question: Reaper is all about efficiency, right? Why not make the channelstrip control embeddable and walterable? It would save a million clicks fo opening plugin windows. Current "show fx controls in mcp" is hard to look at, too tiny, cluttered and ugly. Is there a hope to get fully Walter for the whole channel strip including fader section? Thank you for your remarkable work!
Asked by Andy (190.166.198.x) on September 9 2020, 11:36pm
Reply on September 12 2020, 5:14pm:
    Some people are in to channelstrips, other people not so much? maybe someone should make a channel strip JSFX with embedded UI?

  • Posted by Andy (190.166.198.x) on September 12 2020, 7:15pm:
    Its hard to understand the reasoning to not love channelstrip controls if one can opt to show/hide them. Judging from the Theme forum section themers are obsessed by creating all kinds of useless shapes and colors for the channel meters because they cant have access to the real controls which are Sends, EQ and Compressor with the gain reduction meter. Reaper is fantastic in the Editor side but some love for Mixer is totally missing. 70 years of recording industry proved right that the mixing console is the

  • Posted by Andy (190.166.198.x) on September 12 2020, 7:16pm:
    70 years of recording industry proved right that the mixing console is the frendliest interface between hardware and humans but DAWs still deny it having grown from 90-00s plugin compromise design. For a mixing engineer having to open plugin windows instead of just having all controls at a glance is a real pain, it is a slow workflow and exhausting. It was an understandable limitation in the past but nothing really prevents developers to implement it now. Only the desire and priorities.

  • Posted by Andy (190.166.198.x) on September 12 2020, 7:16pm:
    I hope my message strikes some interest in this area because Mixer is used in all scenarios and it is the Mixer which is responsible for the sound after all. Having controls ready at ones fingertips (could be a Mixer template) would make everyones life and the quality of the final sound better.

  • Posted by Andy (190.166.198.x) on September 12 2020, 7:31pm:
    I forgot to mention one more thing. If the channelstip is configurable and Walter-stylable it will attract plugin developers who would design strips based on their products and refine the workflow to the benefit of all users. I guess its a win-win for all.

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