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Question: i have a super potato laptop - 4 GB ram, AMD A9 processor.... should i opt for 32 bit of Windows 10 instead of 64 bit? Also, no other version of Windows run in this laptop, and also no Linux OS too (i have checked all)
Asked by confused (122.161.243.x) on September 14 2020, 4:48am
Reply on September 14 2020, 12:20pm:
    I'd run 64 bit at this point! More registers and address space, yeah!

  • Posted by not confused anymore (122.161.247.x) on September 16 2020, 5:02am:
    Thank you, i have installed 64 bit Windows. By the way, is it time consuming to develop both 32 bit and 64 bit softwares in compare to developing only 64 bit software? Or you have to develop for one bit only and it's easily ported to another bit?

  • Posted by Justin on September 16 2020, 12:34pm:
    If you write for 64-bit and do any pointer-integer conversions using the right types you should be good (it should just work)

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