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Question: Why are you telling people to wear a mask this is a website ? see 100 doctors at the supreme court www.bitchute.com/video/BhrHFw6xhM5W/
Asked by Diane (174.7.119.x) on October 24 2020, 7:07am
Reply on October 24 2020, 12:46pm (edited at October 24 2020, 1:06pm):
    That's misinformation, and btw OANN is not a reliable news source! There is overwhelming statistical evidence that shows that mask wearing is inversely correlated with coronavirus transmission, and a very broad consensus among epidemiologists. Having a group of doctors who disagree doesn't mean much, you can find people to disagree with almost anything (See: flat earth society, etc). Also just because someone is a doctor doesn't mean that this is there area of expertise. I program computers but I shouldn't go around telling people the best way to solder chips on motherboards....


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