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Question: On your Super8 videos, can you explain how you're looping things? Is there a foot pedal? To what? What are you doing in Reaper? I really enjoy those videos and am curious.
Asked by Michael Dean (98.127.48.x) on December 1 2020, 9:17am
Reply on December 1 2020, 3:31pm (edited at December 1 2020, 3:32pm):
    I should make a video with screen capture showing it, but this is the general setup:
    • Reaper with Super8 on a track
    • Audio inputs from two sources (a mic and a guitar DI). Input 1 of super8 always gets the mic. Inputs 2-8 get the output of some FX which select the input, and whether there is distortion and delay on it (I can toggle these via MIDI controller buttons on both the Zoom R24 and the foot controller).
    • Super8 also gets a foot controller MIDI routed to it, and a foot controller button mapped to its "Play/record current" action.
    • The first 6 outputs of super8 all go to 6 tracks, the volume of which I can adjust via the (Zoom R24 MIDI controller) faders.
    • Outputs 7/8 of super8 go a pair of tracks which are setup in feedback (having a compressor, EQ, etc on it). One fader controls the output level, the other the feedback gain. The project has feedback routing enabled.
    • There is also a complex setup involving spectral hold, which I don't always use (to be documented later)

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