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Question: Hey Justin, I'm enjoying your Super 8 jams and tutorials you've been posting lately, especially the guitar tone. What fx you are using on your guitar, are they plugins or are you using pedals etc?
Asked by Nick Demosthenous (46.177.253.x) on December 22 2020, 1:09am
Reply on December 22 2020, 2:30pm (edited at December 22 2020, 2:31pm):
    Thanks! I use different setups depending on where I am, but for the minimalist super8 setup that ends up in the videos, the guitar signal path is:
    1. Guitar (Fernandes Monterrey, usually) connected to R24's hi-z input
    2. (toggleable) JSFX distortion (fuzz) - shape: 32, hard limit -25dB, wet -9dB dry -60dB
    3. JSFX amp model (or ReaVerb) with the "Fender Deluxe - Tweed Champ.wav" cab model
    4. (toggleable) ReaDelay with one tap, wet set to -2.5dB, length is 147ms feedback -4.4dB
    I don't love the sound of the guitar with the delay and distortion off, it's a bit too plucky, but you can make it all work...

    (at home I have a pedalboard with strymon sunset / micropog / nano big muff pi / the wave / strymon iridium. and some amps at the studio and a friend's awesome pedalboard is often there)

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