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Question: What UI framework do you use for Reaper since it runs everywhere (Lin/Win/Mac)? Or is it custom made?
Asked by Unknown Strange Alien (186.81.100.x) on January 4 2021, 6:51am
Reply on January 4 2021, 9:26pm:
    SWELL (part of WDL), which emulates a small subset of win32, which REAPER is mostly written in

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 5 2021, 8:40am:
    So is it right to say Reaper is Windows only and is emulated on other platforms? :)

  • Posted by Justin on January 5 2021, 10:46pm:
    No, just that the UI framework is win32. In many respects the other platforms are superior... :/

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