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Question: I recently saw a great video on of why Apple M1 chips are performing so well, including a good explanation on out-of-order execution of code, leveraging off the fixed instruction length of the ARM architecture; video on The Dev Doctor channel at www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAjarAgf0nI . to what extent did this come into play when preparing the Reaper Beta for the M1 Macs, and do you see more opportunities to optimize Reaper for Apple's new chips?
Asked by John McG (220.245.168.x) on January 10 2021, 1:45am
Reply on January 10 2021, 11:38pm:
    We haven't done much specifically for them (we did the aarch64 port of various bits earlier on for linux, and everything else just compiles), so time will tell!

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