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Question: I'm currently feeling very stupid trying to understand and implement a paper on a thing I'm interested in (sorry I have to be vague there). This is compounded by having little time (and excess mental capacity) due to my day job. Has something similar happened to you? How do you rationalize it?
Asked by 1123a (79.22.191.x) on July 30 2021, 4:42pm
Reply on July 31 2021, 2:51am:
    Sure, I totally feel stupid all of the time. Well not all of the time, but often. I usually blame the explanations (too much assumed knowledge is definitely a problem!). ;)

  • Posted by 1123a (79.22.191.x) on July 31 2021, 2:18pm:
    Heh, cheered me up a bit.

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