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Question: Hi, Justin! Please share your experience as a programmer) Are you using any programming paradigm (TDD, Agile, etc.)? Are you using design patterns? How do you not get lost in such a huge code? And. Do you use any time management methods? How do you keep your interest in work, do you experience disappointment or depression when the work is monotonous?
Asked by Alex K. (176.98.225.x) on October 17 2021, 10:07pm
Reply on October 18 2021, 2:56am:
    No programming paradigm explicitly.

    Design patterns: nothing explicit either, but after doing this for almost 25 years I'm sure they have evolved into being.
    Getting lost: it's not _that_ much code, really, but when you need to figure out where something is, there are a few good starting places to pull a thread and git grep to unravel it.

    It's a labor of love so time management isn't really an issue. When I was younger I would program for long intervals at a time. I can't do that anymore, these days at most an hour or two at a go.

    Monotony isn't really an issue, sometimes there's tedious things that are repetitive, so I'll either break them up into manageable chunks, or figure out a way to automate it (even if the latter takes more time, it can be more fun).

    Getting outdoors or recording music are always good things when I find myself down (which happens!).

    Other thought worth mentioning: it's always good to make your life as easy as possible. So for example, make it fast/easy to compile things, and make/post test builds.

  • Posted by Alex K. (176.98.225.x) on October 18 2021, 3:40pm:
    Thank you

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