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Question: hey- do you ever check out other users (giving optimising advices etc) jsfx codes and does any inspire you in any way? (user 'saike' as an eg:)
Asked by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 22 2021, 12:32am
Reply on November 22 2021, 5:56pm:
    saike's jsfx are amazing. as are JoepVanlier's, and Geraint's, off the top of my head (there are others too!). Totally love seeing people make cool stuff with JSFX. Only occasionally do I give them feedback, when I do it's due to changes in eel2 that affect them.

  • Posted by unnamed1 (2.26.163.x) on November 23 2021, 3:33am:
    indeed all very smart- #love using the massive variety jsfx supplies..some are very unique =) also think that the wisest masters always could add to their armoury from the 'students' efforts.. as some students CAN teach new techniques from their trainings,expanding on what came before....onwards and upwards eh!

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