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Question: I guess money is really not a goal or an end now, considering your past software endevours. So I'm wondering what REAPER is for you, is it just a hobby/love project with no real end goal for it (be the top industry dog with all cusotmization, features, blah blah) but just a platform to code (which you love id asume) and well of course the product side and service for audio peoeple out there with the side of inventing a thing.. Idk, it's curious to me, I love reaper since it helped me really find freedo
Asked by alex (187.213.114.x) on February 13 2022, 10:05pm
Reply on February 13 2022, 11:24pm:
    People often use "hobby" as a diminutive description so I'd stay away from that word.. It's a project. It's not that money isn't a goal, it's that money isn't the _main_ goal. For example: I run a lot and enjoy it. It's really useful to have a certain level of fitness -- you can go certain places, have experiences you wouldn't otherwise have. But the fitness itself isn't the goal. Anyway, REAPER's a project which I find valuable, users find valuable, sustains a business, etc etc. It's pretty simple in that respect?

  • Posted by Alex (148.202.218.x) on February 15 2022, 6:49pm:
    Cool, yeah I get the hobby word thing and feel the same, I just used it to denote maybe more of a passion than just a chore per se, which some projects turn into even if you love them hahah. But yeah, I understand, and a very valid response. I, like I said, find REAPER to be my most valuable tool, it gave me a job, a road, creative freedom and has helped me help other people out there too to work their music out. So thanks for everything you put into this gem and the love you have for it. Have a great day!

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