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Question: How can we know that the valuestrNeedBig returned by reaper.GetSetProjectInfo_String(0, "RENDER_STATS", dry_run_action, false) is the current and not the previous one? Retval is always true even if the dry_run_action failed to run and the function returns the previous results in memory.
Asked by amagalma (194.150.167.x) on February 17 2022, 11:36pm
Reply on February 19 2022, 8:49pm (edited at February 19 2022, 8:50pm):
    Hmm good question, why would a dry run fail? But perhaps a failed dry run should clear that string...

  • Posted by amagalma (91.240.243.x) on February 20 2022, 1:39pm:
    For example "Calculate loudness of selected tracks via dry run render" on a track with no items and no receives. Any action to calculate for selected items, when no items are selected.. A mix render on a project with no items..

  • Posted by amagalma (91.140.81.x) on February 22 2022, 5:59am:
    Yes, clearing the string would be a good solution. Another idea is: I guess that the function knows if the action specified is run and returns the results or if it didn't run so it returns the results already in memory. So, if returning the results in memory, it could append a bell character (a) to the returned string. What do you think?

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