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Question: Why do programs FL Studio and Reaper work so well under wine linux? Whats the difference to f.e. Cubase?
Asked by Harry (2.247.249.x) on March 13 2022, 7:15pm
Reply on March 13 2022, 8:34pm:
    No idea, probably stuff in Cubase that is hard to emulate? Dongles?

  • Posted by Harry (77.64.160.x) on March 13 2022, 10:22pm:
    Hehe, new Cubase has no Dongle anymore. When writing Reaper do you (or did) you consider specific wine issues (since there is now a linux version)?

  • Posted by Justin on March 14 2022, 2:32am:
    Only a few occasions, in general wine developers don't want people tweaking things for WINE though, as it makes compatibility more difficult

  • Posted by Justin on March 14 2022, 2:32am:
    wine WINE oops

  • Posted by Justin on March 14 2022, 2:33am:
    The main things we do is don't use WM_SETREDRAW for listviews if wine, also wine seems to include the actual checkbox in CDDS_PREPAINT, so we special-case that

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