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Question: hey justin- do you actually know what 'happened' to whitetie© imperial v5 theme? (it was looking SO brilliant,just wondered what made that not appear?) any clues?
Asked by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on March 18 2022, 12:12am
Reply on March 18 2022, 12:55am:
    What do you mean?

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on March 18 2022, 12:33pm:
    hmmm. how to rephrase.. (
    forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=... could you ask whitetie if he plans to finish that theme project? seems it was popular in thread but never quite was released..some mention of new code to be learned in meantime.?

  • Posted by Justin on March 18 2022, 12:50pm:
    "finish", meh, it's pretty good as-is no?

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on March 19 2022, 12:32am:
    the thread shows a snapshot build...appears finished on surface and not 100% sure user d/l gives all assets or layouts? (have you checked it?) maybe 1 should just let this dream theme stay in the missing matrix :/ ... thanks anyway.

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