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Question: hey jayeff.. see a bit of bit of bike ride and read on ebike- so what type of locks you using there? dlocks..chain/padlocks/bike alarm.. and have you ever lost a bike or anything like that in the BIG (sometimes bad) apple?
Asked by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on March 21 2022, 4:18pm
Reply on March 22 2022, 2:51am (edited at March 22 2022, 2:54am):
    Most of the time I use a Kryptonite New York U-Lock. Sometimes depending on the bike or location or timing I'll augment it with a second lock. Haven't had anything stolen yet (*knocking on wood*). Technique is important, as is perception. You want things to look worthless yet well-cared-for, and anything you can remove without a tool should probably be locked, unless its resale value is zero (for example, I have some cheapo REI panniers which were $20 new, but while still usable, are completely beat up -- I'll leave those unlocked on the rack and it's never been a problem). Try to avoid locking overnight if possible. Try to avoid a predictable schedule.


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