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Question: Suppose if I want to create a software, game or anything, which requires coding. Are all the sources available on internet, let say if I stuck somewhere, from where I can get help? Any website or service do all this kind of help? For free or paid, doesn't matter. I am pretty sure you also talk help from stuffs, maybe from big fat books or manuals or some paid online courses or from some paid websites? And all other indie developers too. Right? If yes, then can you guide us a bit? About all the process?
Asked by Abhi (122.181.85.x) on March 27 2022, 2:18pm
Reply on March 28 2022, 1:46am:
    There's a lot of good references, but references aren't the same as answers to your questions, which might be easily answered and might be unanswerable and might need to be solved creatively? so it's hard to say.


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