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Question: Hi Justin! I was wondering if you have any stats (or a guess) on what percentage of REAPER users are male vs. non-male? Do you collect this type of data from users? (age, demographic, country of origin, gender)
Asked by IDDQDSound (67.68.160.x) on March 28 2022, 9:19am
Reply on March 28 2022, 3:33pm (edited at March 28 2022, 3:34pm):
    No idea and we don't collect any info like that. We do know the country of billing address for purchases, and if I remember correctly about 55% was non-US vs 45% US.

  • Posted by Mespotine (79.235.143.x) on March 28 2022, 8:08pm:
    The german podcastscene has a significant portion of females and gender varieties. And as many use the Reaper-mod Ultraschall, we at least bumped the number higher.

  • Posted by IDDQDSound (67.68.160.x) on March 30 2022, 2:53am:
    Hell yeahhhh!!

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