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Question: For each continent choose a country to live : Africa, Europe, Asia, south America , north America , Australia/Oceania
Asked by Yoda (189.112.46.x) on April 21 2022, 12:46am
Reply on April 22 2022, 7:35pm:
    I haven't been to enough places to answer this with any kind of confidence! Also the location within the country would probably be as important as the country to begin with. So, with such little data available, I'll answer based on the food I've had in the style of the country or whatnot, because I like eating and that's more interesting than "I have no idea":
    • Africa: I mean who doesn't like injera and greens and spiciness? I'll go Ethiopia
    • Europe: mmm tough choices here, I'll go the UK assuming I can end up in Cornwall and have pasties there to my heart's content.
    • Asia: India or Pakistan. Naan roti saag and kofta mmmm
    • South America: hmm whose empanadas do I like best? I dunno. I'll go with Argentina (also I hear they have good meat). Sorry for my ignorance here!
    • North America: Mexico.
    • Oceania: I really like this NZ-based coffeehouse I've been into in London (Allpress), so I'll go NZ.
    Sorry these aren't well-reasoned answers, but/and now I'm hungry.

  • Posted by Yoyo-da (186.210.94.x) on April 22 2022, 11:16pm:
    hahahha that was even better than I expected, Thanks! Go get yourself a Friday dinner !!

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