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Question: are you for or against buying your home (instead of renting) provided normal paycheck salary kind of thing. Also are you a fan of airbnb's or you prefer hotels for vacations, thanks!
Asked by Randiom (185.252.223.x) on July 21 2022, 11:52am
Reply on July 21 2022, 2:44pm:
    I don't have a moral stance on this, but people/corporations buying real estate and renting it out and trying to maximize their returns when renting places out seems pretty awful. I like airbnbs but don't like what it does to rental markets, so what we try to do is stay in guest houses attached to the main house where someone lives. Seems like a reasonable compromise.

  • Posted by Randiom (185.252.223.x) on July 21 2022, 3:14pm:
    so you would rather buy the real estate as soon as possible as far i understand. Also what does airbnb does to the rental markets? does it force them drive prices up? thank you!

  • Posted by Justin on July 21 2022, 3:37pm:
    It would depend on your specific circumstances, and how long you plan to stay a particular place. But in general if someone else buys something and rents it to you and makes a profit, then the rent would seem like a worse deal. Other than the lack of committment you get. Airbnb's cut into the supply of long-term rentals and thus increase their prices, so yeah it's not great. :/

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