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Question: Is there a way to optimize Media Explorer's performance when reading extremely large databases from network? I compared it with Soundly which uses binary database files, and even though Media Explorer does db scanning quicker, searching existing databases is enourmously slower than Soundly.
Asked by nikolalkc (88.172.223.x) on July 21 2022, 9:11pm
Reply on July 22 2022, 6:55pm:
    hmm reading or searching? searching should all be in RAM, there might be room to optimize, how many items we talking?

  • Posted by nikolalkc (88.172.223.x) on July 26 2022, 12:27pm:
    We are talking about 400MB db which is a text file of 4736432 lines. All audio files are located on a companie's big NAS. I mean searching I think. We click the database entry in Media explorer; wait like 10s and then type the keyword; press enter; wait for another 10s and results are shown.

  • Posted by kevint (194.2.155.x) on July 26 2022, 2:20pm:
    I'm facing this issue, I think it's really important as a game audio designer to be able to do search in databases with the minimum latency possible, especially when you need to go through a large amount of data it can be time consuming. And if it's progressive search (without enter key) it's even worse

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