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Question: Hello Justin Frankel, using the REAPER API, I should be able to fully remote control REAPER app from another C++ compiled app running on the same OS and who is replacing my mouse and my keyboard by code, right? What is missing with C? Using C with REAPER API do I need to compile a C++ project? Thank you! Best.
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.232.x) on July 28 2022, 11:51am
Reply on July 29 2022, 1:11am:
    Not really, the C/C++ API is designed to be used in-process, which means you would need to write a reaper extension DLL to control. You could make that DLL communicate with another app via whatever mechanism you like. Or you could skip the extension DLL and control REAPER via OSC or http calls via the web interface...

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.233.x) on July 29 2022, 9:27am:
    Ah, thank you. Thereby I suppose I can't get that flexibility (editing midi track, be aware of a change within RPP...) from outside of REAPER with only OSC and Lua/EEL2 ReaScripts inside, I'll think about taking the route of parsing REAPER project files. Do you confirm that the file format will still always open as it is today ? Thank you ! Have a good day. Best.

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