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Question: Is there any plans to modernize the Reaper forum or create a dedicated app? The layout on mobile is very unpleasant to use because the letters are too small
Asked by Artur (187.19.175.x) on September 26 2022, 12:35pm
Reply on September 26 2022, 1:11pm:
    Not currently, we've looked at it but haven't found something that makes sense cost/benefit-wise.

  • Posted by citizenkeith (75.118.175.x) on September 26 2022, 5:35pm:
    I'd love to see the forums switch over to XenForum. I've used it as an admin and as a user, and they really hit it out of the park. It's not too difficult to transfer from vBulletin forums.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.2.x) on September 27 2022, 6:04am:
    Maybe mobile is irrelevant if you consider that REAPER is a computer program. Maybe support for IE6 on a fresh Windows XP installation makes more sense for the potential user that wants to use REAPER - who knows what's best...

  • Posted by Artur (187.19.175.x) on September 27 2022, 9:18pm:
    I disagree that mobile is irrelevant. Despite Reaper is a computer software, the users are not limited to this platform. And it is not hard to come to a conclusion that in 2022 there is more potential users in mobile than with IE6/WinXP. I would agree with you if the claim was to port Reaper to mobile, which is not the question. Most of the foruns nowadays have support for mobile. It is something that potentially increases the movement inside the forum, because people can access it when outside.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.2.x) on September 28 2022, 7:09am:
    I am afraid that I have to agree with you partly. I have seen many people use the computer for the task that needs to be accomplished and at the same time use the mobile for documentation and guidance. I think that a new forum needs some careful consideration to draw a fine line between the two (2) extremes. It would be interesting to see how the forum will move forward in the future, it's a tremendous knowledge base.

  • Posted by Artur (187.19.175.x) on September 28 2022, 12:25pm:
    Agreed! The forum alongside the manual are two sources of strong knowledge. I miss mobile support because most of the searches I do happens when I have a free time or when I am in a doctor reception waiting. I work in front a computer every day by a long time, sometimes a mobile search is more comfortable. And older OS's are compatible with some versions of Firefox or Chrome, so they would be able to use a modernized forum too.

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