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Question: If you had to live one year in an infinite loop, until you pass away, which year would it be ?
Asked by Falafel (189.112.245.x) on October 20 2022, 6:53am
Reply on October 20 2022, 12:25pm:
    Would my actions be looped or would I have the freedom to change things and balance it? Would I remember previous year iterations? Would I remember later years too (or would I start out with my state of mind at the first time I had that year)?

  • Posted by Falafel (189.112.245.x) on October 21 2022, 3:05am:
    You would remember each iteration, you would go to that year with all knowledge you already have, each year loop would start equal. You can also choose a month/day to start the loop that will end 365 days after.

  • Posted by Justin on October 21 2022, 1:00pm:
    Would I age during this loop? Would I start out as 44 year old me? Assuming so, a recent pre-covid year sounds good to me

  • Posted by Falafel (189.112.245.x) on October 23 2022, 12:32am:
    You wouldn't age and would every loop get back with the body you had. But if some terminal accident happened you would die normally and wont go back.

  • Posted by Justin on October 23 2022, 3:05pm:
    OK I'll go with 2015, gives me lots of different routes to explore

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