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Question: Hey Justin, bit of a 3-parter - do you have any tricks to identify mistakes in code architecture early/before they're hooked into your codebase? Do you plan your designs before implementing them? Have there been times where you've struggled with sunk costs on something that just isn't working? I may be reaching my question quota for the month haha.
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on October 28 2022, 1:15pm
Reply on October 29 2022, 2:52am:
    No tricks, but when architecting I usually try to define an interface (API not UI) for using something before I build the thing, then implement both sides of the interface, adjusting the interface as needed when some new facet is exposed. Sunk costs -- I have no problem throwing things away if I have something better. But I wouldn't throw anything away until the thing that is better is actually working and better. :)

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