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Question: would you sell REAPER to Elon Musk for 44B?
Asked by A tree (186.210.24.x) on November 3 2022, 6:23am
Reply on November 3 2022, 9:52pm:
    I would like to say that I wouldn't, but it would be so obviously an over-valuation that it would be hard to pass up. But I wouldn't keep the money.

  • Posted by make it better (185.246.211.x) on November 3 2022, 9:56pm:
    how would you get rid of it / spread it around

  • Posted by Justin on November 3 2022, 10:14pm:
    That would require some significant thought...

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.204.x) on November 4 2022, 11:58am:
    Buy rain forest and protect it from the rest of the world. Or the forests of siberia. Both are ecologically important for the planet and a good investment.

  • Posted by 2022 (91.110.225.x) on November 5 2022, 2:38pm:
    1 cannot "buy" what belongs to all- earth is an inheritance for ALL mankinds.. they should be guardians and peaceful keepers of the garden,yet some are not.

  • Posted by Mespotine (46.114.204.x) on November 5 2022, 6:02pm:
    Ask landlords and real estate agents. Their opinion will differ ;) If you can buy land to drill for oil and gas and destroy our planet you can buy land to protect it from us. That's the great thing about economy: its biggest weakness is also its biggest potential to save our butts from us.

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