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Question: It's you against 20yo Justin Frankel in a coding competition. Who would win?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on June 17 2023, 6:36pm
Reply on June 17 2023, 7:17pm (edited at June 17 2023, 7:21pm):
    Depends on a lot of factors I suppose, subject matter, points criteria, etc. If it was on the easier side and the only metric that mattered was a working solution in minimal time, probably young me. There are definitely things I could do faster these days though, so hard to say. Also I have a ton more general knowledge now. e.g. "convert UTF-8 into UTF-16 including surrogate pairs" I would be an order of magnitude faster than 20yo me. (UTF-8 didn't exist as a standard in 1998 but even if it had I probably wouldn't have had experience with it...) Post a problem in the comments and I'll try to make a more specific prediction?

    (additional edit: what documentation resources do we have? none? 1998 resources? 2023 resources? 20 year old me in 2023 would've been so blown away any time lead would've been lost in shock).

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