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Question: I was wondering how the UI is rendered in Reaper. I assume its no Qt or GTK ( or am I wrong?) I really like the smoothness, low CPU usage and tweakability. Is it native, inherited from winamp, part of WDL??
Asked by pedra (77.245.45.x) on July 5 2023, 9:44am
Reply on July 6 2023, 2:10pm (edited at July 6 2023, 2:11pm):
    Pixels get put together using LICE which is part of WDL... for the various controls there's a lightweight virtual control system we made too. (WDL/wingui/). On Win32 we BitBlt() everything to screen from a DIB, on macOS it draws using Metal typically (speaking of which apparently this is very slow on M2 macs now for some reason grrrrr let me go get one of those)

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