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Question: The other day bumped into a message in a skins.txt file inside a ReNovator zip achive from '98, it goes as follows: "These are some example skins for Winamp 1.8. We should get a good skin page up on www.winamp.com/skins.html soon, but until then, here's some food. unzip to WinampDirSkins. You can modify files in SkinsBase to create your own skins. Viscolor.txt sets the colors for the vis window. Yay. The rest of the skins are borrowed from various Winamp hacks...ri.bat renames the images if you extract them from a hack using Renovator. -Justin". Does this look like your message?
Asked by Name (207.244.71.x) on July 15 2023, 7:34pm
Reply on July 16 2023, 9:02pm:
    Sounds familiar yeah! Totally something I would write.

  • Posted by Name (162.210.194.x) on July 17 2023, 6:39am:
    It's a small web world, LOL

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