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Question: i admire how productive the cockos team is with REAPER while still interacting with users. on top of that, you continue to make music and share it online. besides being smart/creative, this requires a high degree of pragmatism + confidence (opposite of perfectionism basically). were you always this way? or can you think of any 'ah-ha' moments that clicked for you mindset wise, that influenced your approach to work/art..life??
Asked by dylan (124.170.114.x) on August 7 2023, 12:05am
Reply on August 8 2023, 8:24pm:
    Shrug... pragmatism is definitely a good thing, in moderation!

  • Posted by dylan (124.170.96.x) on August 8 2023, 11:14pm:
    thanks! ya hard to know where that line is sometimes, trying to be more pragmatic myself.

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