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Question: hey jf- is the ufo / uap topic on your radar? why are people NOT talking about this!?! is it not THE most profound,game changing or important conversation we as a species could have right now??
Asked by 2023 (86.154.42.x) on October 1 2023, 10:26am
Reply on October 1 2023, 11:37am:
    tbh I'm not sure there's a there there. So the story goes, back when they first started testing jet aircraft they'd have the pilots wear gorilla suits so that if prop-powered aircraft pilots saw the jets, the pilots would sound insane ("there was a gorilla flying a plane with no propeller!). With so many secret aircraft developments/testing, it's really not unreasonable to think that these are entirely various programs. The government stringing people along about it is really their goal, keeps people from looking too hard at their secret programs. While it is fun to imagine these scenarios, if there were another intelligent species involved, I think it would be incredibly unlikely that it would be able to be kept so secret.

  • Posted by 2023 (86.154.42.x) on October 1 2023, 8:04pm:
    yeah- all quite interesting...its the secret part we just dont get..yet.. it does seem quite clear if proven true- we are not the apex predators & think that pisses off the military in a big way.. loss of control can be a hard pill to swallow?..are we ready?

  • Posted by Justin on October 2 2023, 1:47am:
    again if that were the case I think we'd see a lot of evidence of it!

  • Posted by Ruchira Hasaranga (123.231.105.x) on October 2 2023, 7:18am:
    What about the history records before the Air Force and other countries? (tip: Passport to Magonia)

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