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Question: Do you think music is spiritual? like a dimension in itself? is it a gateway? or just nice squigly air waves. Radiohead can definetly take me other places, amoung other groups.
Asked by It's me Thom Yorke I swear (187.213.28.x) on October 5 2023, 2:37am
Reply on October 5 2023, 3:00pm:
    It certainly means a lot to a lot of people!

  • Posted by Thom (187.213.28.x) on October 5 2023, 11:42pm:
    OH but I'm asking you! hahah what does it mean to you, considering you're also making a daw

  • Posted by Justin on October 6 2023, 12:43am:
    Not sure if I'd go spiritual exactly, but it resonates with me emotionally a lot in many cases!

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