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Question: hey jf- you might like a bit of feedback? ..you may like a bit of mixing with mixers? ..did you see this fab thing with mixer feedback? (youtu.be/H-7kQmpjBds?feature=shared ((a dedicated jsfx based on this idea might be fun!))
Asked by 2023 (86.154.42.x) on October 12 2023, 11:10am
Reply on October 14 2023, 8:42pm:
    lolz... you can do it via routing and not involving jsfx heh. I remember getting the denormalization noises to make weird sounds via feedback for fun too. (normally if you have real silence you can't get any noise, but -400dB denormal noise is a good starting point)

  • Posted by 2023 (86.154.42.x) on October 15 2023, 12:52pm:
    yeah- its wild to play with..my bruv found this out years ago playing around & it turns out the older,beaten up,dusty old mixers create the fuzziest vibes...its just not seeming the same digitally because wei think static electric volt actually plays a big role with tones...cheers =)

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