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Question: Could we have the ability to return custom IVideoFrame objects from a video processor in the future? Alternatively, could some userdata fields be added to IVideoFrame objects? Thanks!
Asked by Francesco (87.17.203.x) on December 6 2023, 6:25pm
Reply on December 8 2023, 12:09am (edited at December 8 2023, 12:14am):
    Hmm returning custom implementations would be more difficult. We could add a userdata, I think, via the Extended() interface. But what is the use case of such?

  • Posted by Francesco (87.17.203.x) on December 8 2023, 12:37am:
    I'm writing a plugin to apply effects rendered on the GPU. Right now I'm always copying data back and forth betweens frames and GPU, but if I could detect that a frame is already on the GPU I could skip that

  • Posted by Justin on December 9 2023, 5:36pm:
    hmm can you retain a copy of the frame that you return, and then return that same frame later on?

  • Posted by Justin on December 9 2023, 9:16pm:
    (and when you want to purge a frame the gpu, purge it and release your associated handle?)

  • Posted by Francesco (87.17.203.x) on December 12 2023, 11:13pm:
    Hey sorry for the late reply, lost track of this one! I don't really see how to do what you propose across different plugin instances, i.e. an instance creates a frame on the GPU then passes it on to a subsequent instance. I'm not sure how to handle that case

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