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Question: How would you go about licensing proprietary software? Specifically writing a EULA. I know that you are not a lawyer but I am having a hard time researching this and I'd thought I'd might ask you because you have a lot more experience than I do. And thank you for taking your time answering this question.
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on February 14 2024, 1:30pm
Reply on February 14 2024, 5:33pm:
    Having a lawyer help is the way to go for sure, but you could probably look at other licenses and find things that are important. At the end of the day, of course, a license is only as good as your ability to enforce it.

  • Posted by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on February 15 2024, 6:23am:
    This is the way.

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