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Question: I will be publishing my first mobile application soon. It's nothing special or new, it's just something I *think* I *might* do better than anyone else. I've copied a lot from the "design principles" Winamp, because I grew up with it: Optimizing system usage, the ability to use skins and above all: not ripping people off. Instead, make them happy. Am I being too idealistic or do you think this kind of approach will still work today?
Asked by Nico (37.201.193.x) on February 18 2024, 10:57pm
Reply on February 19 2024, 2:00pm:
    Hard to say! I don't know much about the mobile space, either. iOS version?

  • Posted by Nico (37.201.193.x) on February 19 2024, 7:55pm:
    It will be published for both iOS and Android simultaneously. It's not so much a question about the mobile space, but rather a question about "do you think people still value qualities nowadays hat people valued back then" :)

  • Posted by Justin on February 20 2024, 4:19pm:
    and I think the answer depends a lot on the context, mobile vs desktop is a big one. I'd say they do, for desktop, which is where my experience is. but I have no idea on mobile. the design principles as you describe them may be a bit minimal, there was also "let people do lots of useful things" and a bunch of others, too...

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