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Question: Hey Justin, what would be your suggestion for the best way to learn how to develop plugins from scratch? YouTube, Books, Websites, School? I think I'm having decision paralysis
Asked by JH Music (76.168.111.x) on March 14 2024, 3:07am
Reply on March 14 2024, 4:29am:
    It's always hard to know the answer to this kind of question, the only way I've experienced is one that is long and thus probably not what I would recommend! I'd say start with the VST3 SDK examples and go from there...

  • Posted by JH Music (174.193.130.x) on March 14 2024, 4:48am:
    Appreciate the answer Justin, I understand I was quite broad, but I'll check out those VST3 examples. The thing about growing up "after the internet was made" is that we all see the end results of years of development and creation, but we didn't really get to participate in the process of it coming together so it feels a lot like reverse engineering. Huge fan of yours, thank you always!

  • Posted by Abhi (106.215.121.x) on March 14 2024, 9:55am:
    @JH Music : From wherever you learn, just do lots of revision. Speaking from my experience. Revision is must for learning. Without it, you can't learn anything properly no matter from where you learn.

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