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Question: hey jf- is there something wrong with our planet earth?? after watching a recent presentation by our dearest elon musk..we have come to the conclusion this guy is insane! #he wants to move humans to a "dead planet" (mars) how do you feel about this insanity? heh
Asked by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 7 2024, 11:23am
Reply on April 7 2024, 11:38pm (edited at April 7 2024, 11:39pm):
    I know, right? this excellent Wired article explains it perfectly:
       I suspect that the tech billionaires didn’t want to be heroes merely
       by saving individual lives. That’s just what firemen do; that’s just
       what Spider-Man does. The billionaires wanted to be heroes who saved
       the whole human race. That’s what Iron Man does.

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 8 2024, 3:22pm:
    lol..heroes if only- thats not enough, they actually want to play "divine creators" (bombardng other planets with '0000's tons of earth resources) & even go as far to create "sustainable human environments" by terraforming these other planets atmospheres.. WOW #sigh natural order is under attack.

  • Posted by Geox (89.136.209.x) on April 15 2024, 2:52pm:
    To be fair, disregarding his personality and talking strictly on the idea, I don't believe in the long-long run we will remain a single-planet species. Therefore, at least directing funds to reasearchers to work on these problems could prove valuable in the future, imho.

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