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Question: would you rather have 10 million dollars and be known by 100 million people, or, 20 million dollars and be known by 1 million people
Asked by Query (162.243.229.x) on April 12 2024, 8:59pm
Reply on April 12 2024, 9:37pm:
    I'd take 80 million and be known by 100.

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 14 2024, 12:57am:
    hmmmm...is life REALLY all about the money for you? (an extra digit on screen or many fake notes backed by nothing more than a promise of " you get nothing other than what we print"?

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2024, 1:54am:
    no but you can give money away, you're stuck with fame

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 14 2024, 10:46am:
    well you HAD 50million..did you make any one else an INSTANT millionair out of the goodness your heart? when is enough,enough? #sigh all these "millionair,billion & trillionairs" while we have so MANY homeless? #SIGH #greed

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2024, 1:31pm:
    Giving money to other individuals isn't what I meant

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 15 2024, 11:06am:
    with all respect- we see this a massive problem...money hoarders who take that money out of circulation- leaving blockages of flowing wealth to ALL individuals...there is enough for all,but not while people hoard & hold onto vast sums.? water will stagnate while not flowing? currency=water.

  • Posted by Geox (89.136.209.x) on April 15 2024, 2:26pm:
    The man responds in a witty, funny way, and you start making character judgements.. #facepalm... (and btw, you couldn't be further from the truth)

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 16 2024, 11:15am:
    LOL- @Geox care to explain how any of that is "wrong"? (jfyi GREED is listed as 1 of the 7 deadly sins) & we agree it is.)

  • Posted by Geox (89.136.209.x) on April 16 2024, 1:51pm:
    @2024 - Sorry, I was only referring to you implying that Justin is greedy, while also making one of the best audio software out there with a very low price :). Regarding the overall sentiment of your messages, I agree with you, and I thing you have good morals, you just need to not take everything too literal, and appreciate humour more :)

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on April 16 2024, 10:10pm:
    heh- if only you knew, how we laugh at it all...in all honesty greed is no joke to us..but who cares in this world of greed over need? #sigh (maybe 1 day this will rebalance when people find their true wealth,inside.) (+we like reaper's devs but refuse to kiss any arses,no matter how 'sexy' they seem) LOL

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