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Question: Any tips for new runners ? For avoiding injuries and increasing the distance... Started recently, doing 5 ~ 7km, want to try go to 20km this year.
Asked by DdSl (186.210.94.x) on April 15 2024, 11:43pm
Reply on April 16 2024, 1:16pm:
    a few things that I've found to be helpful. Everybody is different, of course, but these are some thoughts:
    • Go slow! speed work is great and useful but 90% of your running should be at a very easy pace. E.g. if I'm doing intervals or something I'd do them once a week at most, and most of the other days would be slow. Slow vs fast is relative -- for me at this point I might do 4 minute intervals at around a 6:00/mile pace as a workout (which is tough!), but most of my running will be around 9:00-11:00/mile (which is very easy). If you have a watch with a HR monitor you can estimate your HR zones which can be helpful in determining the best paces...
    • I wouldn't worry about the miles-in-one-day statistic as much as your how-many-miles-in-the-last-7-days stat. If you keep that number from increasing too quickly, you should be OK. People like to say no more than a 10% increase per week, which seems about right. (though once you get more conditioned you have more flexibility, probably). It's also good to have some easier weeks to let your body recover. People often do 3 weeks of increasing mileage, then a week where you dial it back and let yourself recover.
    • Strength training is very helpful, especially when you find yourself sore in spots. Finding someone to advise you on that is essential (it's easy to do the wrong things).

    I could go on but there are probably better resources on the internet anyway :) Have fun though! I love running. Oh also, trail running is the best. Most of my running on roads is so that I can run trails more when I get the chance lol.

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