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Question: Do you have fear biking around NY ? Whenever I do more distant pedals around my city I am a little scared because of the caos cars make, also some drivers dont give a damn about cyclist. Fortunately nothing happened until today, but I am always hearing some tragic news have you ever got into some accident, is close to someone that got into one?
Asked by Fuck Cars (186.210.31.x) on April 25 2024, 9:22pm
Reply on April 25 2024, 10:11pm (edited at April 25 2024, 10:12pm):
    On the plus side, usually (if you pick your route right) the cars aren't moving so fast, so there's that. For whatever reason I'm not too afraid, the few times I've fallen on a bike haven't involved cars. The last year or so I've been walking most of my miles instead of riding, for the time on my feet. Doing around 80 miles of walk+run per week now, and it feels good.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on April 29 2024, 10:25pm:
    Is dooring (
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dooring a thing there? I got doored several times where I live, was really lucky/fast enough to get out of the way by a hair.

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2024, 1:35am:
    always ride far enough from cars so that if a door opens, you clear it. never been doored thankfully.

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2024, 1:35am:
    if you ride too close, it's bad, either you hit the door or you swerve and get run over by another car :(

  • Posted by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on April 30 2024, 4:49am:
    Yeah, that's the thing, the bike lanes are cramped between the parked and moving cars (street) on both sides. :(

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2024, 7:19pm:
    Thats the thing, it’s counterintuitive but if the speed limit isn’t too high, the moving cars are safer than the parked ones…

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