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Question: Hey Justin, I've been a huge fan from the Winamp era. I recently stumbled upon one of your answers where you shared that not having kids has been a part of your approach to a long-lasting marriage. It's an interesting perspective, especially considering the global trends on shrinking population. Given your successful career and the your life filled with outdoor adventures, music, reading, and meaningful work, I'm quite intrigued. Would you be willing to share a bit more about your decision not to have kids?
Asked by mike (128.77.51.x) on April 27 2024, 12:17am
Reply on April 27 2024, 12:58pm (edited at April 27 2024, 1:00pm):
    That was sort of a joke (its effect on our marriage) but not sure what else there is to share other than to say that it was always an obvious preference for both of us. So it wasn't a decision that was contemplated at length, it was a natural conclusion that I have not yet regretted.

    Re the global trends mentioned in the question: I don't think the global population is decreasing yet, but the growth is slowing (so if the trends continue, it would decrease at some point).

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