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Question: Is the name "ReaSamplomatic 5000" based on "Net-o-Matic 5000"? Were you into this game back then? warcraft.wiki.gg/wiki/Net-o-Matic_5000
Asked by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 15 2024, 10:38pm
Reply on May 16 2024, 6:23pm:
    Not that I know of, lol, but great minds... or maybe I was influenced by the culture.

  • Posted by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 16 2024, 6:50pm:
    There seem to be many other ways to say "something O-Matic 5000." I don't know, I don't speak English, but is there some unique context?

  • Posted by Justin on May 17 2024, 2:41am:
    there's a certain silliness to it which might be common in our culture, not sure the origin.

  • Posted by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 17 2024, 2:59pm:
    I see. RS5k may seem unassuming to those who judge it superficially, but I feel that its intrinsic freedom and efficiency through APIs and other means are amazing, so I feel that the name matches that gap as well. It seems like a good name to me. Thank you kindly.

  • Posted by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 17 2024, 3:01pm:
    This is just a side note, I would appreciate it if you would consider implementing the "smart random" feature mentioned here. This would allow me to play samples with the maximum natural variation, even if I record the same ride cymbal, snare, hi-hat, etc., with a minimum of recording. > `smart random" where it doesn't allow to play the exact sample twice in a row.` forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=188959

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