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Question: What's your take on this? llama-group.com/wp-content/uploads...(TL;DR the people who own Winamp are open sourcing it)
Asked by Kevin (152.173.97.x) on May 16 2024, 7:57pm
Reply on May 17 2024, 2:40am:
    Hopefully they GPL it! It's all based on a bit of ancient crap written by a stupid teenager so it will be nice if someone cleans it up and modernizes it a bit. but not too much.

  • Posted by WinAmp295Dude (174.67.41.x) on May 18 2024, 5:46am:
    You might have been a teenager... but let me tell you that you wrote some rockin' software even then. I still use this player (as I've posted years ago) because I love the feel of it, how you can make it small and put it in the windows caption bar... so many good things. When the "leaked" copy of Winamp 5?...6?... whatever it was... that came out a few years ago... I installed it for the shits and giggles... it crashed on load. lol Your software, 2003... not even made for the OS it runs on; runs so well.

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